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I'm Monica. Canadian born, Floridian transplant, and now on a traveling adventure to bring hope through healthcare (12 year ICU nurse here) while collecting stories that encourage. 

These days I'm learning to live by four simple values: work, worship, play and heal. You can follow some of these themes here in the blog, as well as through photos and thoughts on social media.

If you dropped into my life on any given day, I'd hope you'd find me in work - taking care of patients or learning how to do that better; in worship - singing and writing music about how Jesus is constantly changing my life; in play - hiking beautiful mountain trails, keeping my succulents alive, and chasing the dawn and dusk light; and healing - body, mind and spirit wholeness, because life seasons can be hard, but Hope is a strong anchor.

Thanks for joining me here. I hope you leave inspired and filled with courage to take the next step towards the things in your heart!

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The next Yes.

Almost 9 years ago I travelled to Western Kenya with a small team to help provide medical care to individuals in a village outside...

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